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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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HENRY C. DANNETTELL, deceased, formerly a resident
of Washington Township, was born in Picardy, France, October
8, 1815, about six months after the battle of Waterloo. His
father was a member of the staff of the Duke of Wellington, the
commander-in-chief of the victorious army in that battle. His
mother's maiden name was Quivisaine, and it is said that she was
in attendance at the celebrated ball given at Brussels by the En-
glish officers on the evening previous to the battle. Shortly after
the overthrow of Napoleon the family moved into Germany,
where they remained until 1832, and then immigrated to Amer-
ica, settling at Baltimore, Md. Henry C. once drove a
team on the National Pike, which extended from Baltimore to
Pittsburgh. Sometime in 1838 Mr. Dannettell removed to Cincin-
nati, and shortly afterward went to Texas, where he entered the
army of Gen. Sam Houston, then engaged in a struggle with
Mexico for Texan independence. While in the service there he
was engaged in some desperate conflicts, and was several times
wounded. At the close of the war he returned to Cincinnati, and
resumed his trade of shoe-making; but he engaged in local poli-
tics, and was soon elected justice of the peace, which office he
held until 1854; he also, at one time, served as judge of the po-
lice court. In February, 1854, he removed with his family to
Chestnut Ridge, this county, where he resided until his death.
For a while he engaged in the practice of law, and was justice of
the peace at the time of his death. In 1868 he was on the Grant
electoral ticket, and in 1872 canvassed the State for Grant. Sev-
eral times he was nominated by his party for some county office.
During his life here he devoted himself mainly to the cultivation
of his large farm, raising, also, various small fruits. At the time
of his death he was a pensioner of the State of Texas, for services
rendered during the Texan war. The cause of his death was
Bright's disease, from which he had been suffering for many

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