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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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FRANK ACKERMAN, of Salt Creek Township, is a native
of Switzerland, and was born October 16, 1824. Early in 1854
he embarked for America, and in March landed at New York.
From there he proceeded to Columbus, Ohio, and in that vicinity
hired out to work on the farm. It is one of the curious coinci-
dences that the woman who became his wife came over on the
same ship and hired out to the same farmer, although they were
then unacquainted. In September, 1854, they were married,
and the result of this union has been eight sons: Joseph, Henry,
John, Frank, Charles, Louis, Edward and William. In 1858 he
moved to Dearborn County, where he remained until 1866. At
that time he bought the farm in Jackson County, where he has
ever since lived. He is a successful farmer, and they belong to
the German Methodist Episcopal Church.

WILLIAM ACTON, a resident of Salt Creek Township, was
born in the township where he now lives, August 4, 1842. He
is the eldest son of Richard and Arena (Lorance) Acton, both
natives of Kentucky. Farming has always been the occupation
of Mr. Acton, and his whole life has been spent on the farm
where he now resides. His education is such as the common
schools of his day afforded, and is practical. Emily C. Knight,
of Lawrence County, became his wife November 19, 1865, and to
them have been born these six children: Addie E., Mariah A.,
Charles W., Clarence A., Mary I., and Alice E. In September,
1862, Mr. Acton enlisted in the Fiftieth Indiana Regiment, where
he served until June, 1865. His politics are Democratic, and in
1869 he was elected township assessor, but resigned. In 1878
he was chosen trustee, and served four years. He is a member
of the G. A. R. at Freetown. Both Mr. and Mrs. Acton are
members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and they are among
the best and most influential people of the county.

WILLIAM BOWMAN is a native of Salt Creek Township,
where he now resides, and was born August 30, 1842. He is

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