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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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ABRAHAM BRANAMAN, of Owen Township, is the fourth
son of Abraham and Susan (Kindred) Branaman. His birth oc-
curred September 29, 1857, in Jackson County, where his home has
always been. His father was one of the pioneers of the county,
and in his boyhood days remembers Salem as the nearest milling
place, twenty-five miles away. His early school advantages were
only such as the rude log house, with slab benches, afforded. In
the absence of window-glass paper was used, and that generally
greased, to make it both more durable and serviceable. He
worked for a time at the stone-mason's trade and acquired consid-
erable skill in that trade. He is a Mason and a member of the
Baptist Church. His wife, who was a native of Kentucky, named
Juliet McDade, is a member of the Methodist Church.

J. W. BRANAMAN, farmer, was the seventh in order of
birth in the family of Christian and Mary S. Branaman, and was
born November 15, 1850. He acquired the rudiments of an
education at the district school, and his occupation has ever been
that of a farmer. His farm, comprising 190 acres, borders upon
the village of Clear Spring. December 25, 1878, he married E.
V. Bain, and this matrimonial union has been crowned with the
birth of two children, whose names are Ruth and Blanche. Mr.
Branaman has been identified with the Democratic party, and his
wife is a member of the Presbyterian Church at Seymour.

DAVID KYTE, one of the leading men of Owen Township,
was born in, Washington County, August 21, 1821. He is the
eldest son of Lewis and Catherine (Colglacier) Kyte, both natives
of Ohio. The common schools of his native county was the
only source of David's education. He was raised upon the farm
and while yet a boy began the shoe-maker's trade; this trade,
however, he never followed very much. Margaret McKinney, of
the same county, became his wife August 12, 1847. She bore
him six children, these four are now living: Elizabeth, James

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