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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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Tampico. As early as 1831 he identified himself with the Mis-
sionary Baptist Church and in 1845 he was ordained minister in
that church. He was for nearly twenty years actively engaged in
ministerial labors: His infirmities have precluded active labor
for many years, yet he retains his interest in all that pertains to
upbuilding the church. In 1835 he was married to Rebecca
Sturgeon, daughter of Daniel Sturgeon. To them were born three
children: Solomon, David and Susan. His wife having died, he
again married, in 1844, Nancy Sturgeon. To them were born
nine children: Mary A., William., Isaac, Sarah, Juliet, Rosella,
Eva, Crawford and John. In 1867 his second companion died,
and in 1869 he was again married to a Mrs. Rachel Downing,
who is also deceased. Mr. Young is a Republican in politics and
is now in his seventy-fifth year, and rather active and firm for his


DR. GEORGE O. BARNES, of Cortland, was born in Jen-
nings County, Ind., February 5, 1840, being the third son of
Woodford and Elizabeth (nee Barnes) Barnes, both natives of
Kentucky. He was educated at the typical log schoolhouse and
at a graded school. In 1863 he attended a select school a
Seymour, this county. At the age of twenty-two he began teach-
ing, and followed that vocation during the winters of 1862-63-64,
in the meantime studying medicine, which he had commenced
in 1861, under the preceptorship of Dr. Bane, at Reddington;
and in 1864-65 he attended the Medical Department of the Uni-
versity of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, and subsequently the Miami
College, at Cincinnati, since which time he has prosecuted his
chosen profession at Cortland, this county, with signal success.
except the winter of 1875-76, when he was in attendance again
at the Miami institution, whence in March, 1876, he received his
degree of M. D. The Doctor has been more or less identified
with the interests of Jackson County all his life. October 16,
1870, Dr. Barnes was united in marriage with Mrs. Emma Wil-
son, nee Isaacs.

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