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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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JEFFERSON B. WILSON, of Driftwood Township, where
he is one of the leading farmers, was born in Washington County
in 1840. His parents were William and Nancy Wilson, and he
was the fifth in their family of eight children. The father and
mother were among the earliest settlers of Washington County,
and were among its leading citizens. J. B. was raised on a farm
and his early training was such that it created in him a fondness
for farming. He has followed from choice that occupation
through life, and with success. In 1873 he moved to Clarke
County, where he remained four years and then returned to
Jackson County. He owns 120 acres of well-improved land in
Driftwood Township. His wife, who was Carrie M. Bowen, was
born October 13, 1840. Their wedding was February 8,1866,
and to them have been born seven children: William T., Julia
(deceased), Nanie B. (deceased), Charles A. (deceased), Robert
E., Thomas B. and Mary A. Mr. Wilson is a member of the
Christian Church, and a Democrat in politics. He usually takes
an active interest in all matters pertaining to the public welfare.


JESSE COX was born in 1825, in Owen County, Ky., and in
1833 he moved with his parents to Jennings County, Ind. He is
the second of a family of seven born to John and Lurana (Os-
born) Cox. The Coxes came originally from Virginia, and the
Osborns from North Carolina. Jesse was born and raised on a
farm, and followed farming in Jennings County until the spring
of 1860, when he moved to Kansas. He, however, returned in
the fall of the same year. February 12, 1846, he was married to
Polly A. Hill, daughter of Allen and Elizabeth Hill, of Jennings
County. She died in 1862. To them were born five children:
John A. (deceased), Lurana (deceased), James W., Levin and
Thomas O. John A. was a soldier three years in the Tenth-Indi-
ana Cavalry. In 1862 Jesse was again married to Margaret M.
Cregg, daughter of William Cregg, of Jennings County. She

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