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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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HENRY ZOLLMAN was born in 1821, in Owen Township,
Jackson Co., Ind. His parents, Adam and Mary (Miller) Zoll-
man, came to Indiana from Rockbridge County, Va., and are of
German and Irish nationality. They were characteristic pioneers,
coming to a new country full of courage and enterprise. Adam
Zollman was a soldier in the war of 1812, and Mary Zollman's
grandfather was in the Revolutionary war. Henry Z. is the
third child born to them, and for sternness of character and fixed-
ness of purpose is much like his father. He was born and
raised on a farm, and from choice has always followed that, to-
gether with stock raising, as a livelihood. How successfully he
has followed this, his chosen calling, may be inferred from the fact
that he began life a poor man (although he inherited what might
be called a start, but not until in after life when he was over early
struggles), and is now the heaviest tax payer in Jackson County,
and is the owner of about 2,200 acres of valuable land, all in
Jackson County, except about eighty acres, and his annual yield
of corn from his bottom lands is about 20,000 bushels, to say
nothing of the stock raising interest, which is extensive. He
lives two and one-half miles from Medora, on what is known as
"the Ridge," in a splendid country home. He has never been in
official life, preferring the quiet life of a farmer. In 1843 he was
married to Miss Nancy Hobson, daughter of Milbern Hobson of
Jackson County. She died in 1845. To them one child (now
deceased) was born. In 1849 he was again married to Miss Eliza-
beth Dodds, daughter of Andrew Dodds, of Jackson County. To
this union there have been born ten children: Cynthia (Holland),
Phoebe (Hughs), Sophia (deceased), Samuel T., George W.,
Thomas F., Florence, Alice, Henry J. and Elizabeth. He has three
daughters at home and one son in the State University at Bloom-
ington. Mr. Z. is a member of the Masonic fraternity and is a Dem-
ocrat in politics. He made most of his money by dealing in

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