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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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Wilson, Jesse Browning, T. M. & S. Wheeler, Michael Motsinger,
Cross & Lucas, Wheeter & Wilkie, Acton & Denny. Blacksmiths
and wagon-makers: Manuel Bros., S. A. Thompson, Cross & Son,
G. W. Wheeter, staves, spokes and headings.


The only secret society now in existence at Freetown is the
Freetown Post, No. 153, instituted a short time after the organi-
zation of Houston Post. The following is a partial list of mem-
bers: Isaac Smith, John Brock, Wilbur Acton, J. N. Culbertson,
W. H. Taylor, W. M. Scott, John Sprague, John Gorbel, Eli
Bower, Jesse D. Lucas, George M. Lucas, L. M. Cross, Samuel
Reedy, William S. Bell, B. F. Harbaugh and William Stockdell.


Spraytown is located in the northeast portion of the township,
and was named in honor of a man by the name of Spray, who
was the first to sell goods here. The second merchant was B. F.
Auld, who was followed by John Louster, now a merchant or Sey-
mour, who was extensively engaged in buying and shipping stave
and spoke timber, besides keeping a small stock of goods. G.
W. Wheeler was also engaged in the timber business. Wilkerson
Croucher kept a general store. M. England was the blacksmith.
A man by the name of Gough owned a mill, and R. M. Coffman
a saw and heading-mill.

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